Dance Through Life offers a number of options to help corporate clients enhance their employees professional experience, including Health and Wellness, Team Building, Corporate Events, and Corporate Partner Discounts.

Health and Wellness: Companies today understand the value of employee loyalty and of the increased productivity resulting from offering competitive, and exclusive, benefits and services. Dance Through Life can provide a unique collection of aerobic and entertaining dance classes that will offer employees a fun and energizing change of pace in the work day. Numerous studies have demonstrated the correlation between exercise and creativity, with the increased health benefits leading to productivity gains.

Team Building: The importance of teamwork in the work place has been understood to foster creativity, innovation, and success. Dance Through Life can provide a tailor-made team building program for teams of any size to help build communication skills, trust, and collaboration in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The partnership between dance partners necessary for performing various dance steps mirrors the trust and communication skills needed in the office, while the experience of learning together requires team members to help and support each other, all in a friendly and informal environment.

Corporate Events: Dance Through Life can also provide various entertainment options for corporate events, happy hours, and formal functions. We offer a ready-made corporate night out experience, including venue, DJ, drink specials, VIP tables, and dance lessons. For your existing event, we can provide dance performances, live latin bands, and planned or impromptu dance classes. Whatever your corporate event is, add an element of elegance with live dance and music.

Corporate Partner Discounts: With Dance Through Life, your employees receive a 20% off discount for private group dance classes. Whether employees want to plan their own classes after the work day, or schedule a private class or event on the weekend, they receive the same discount thanks to your partnership agreement. For the life-cycle events of your employees, we also offer the 20% discount.